We are open for Takeout only & have not reopened for dine in.

Please call to preorder, you will be given an allocated collection time to collect

Deliveries are done Via UberEats and Deliveroo

Thanks for your custom and support during these times

call us at 0208 297 1170


– from the Grill

All dishes are served with Rice & Salad or French Fries & Salad

Please inform us of any allergies

11. Koobideh – Lamb Kofte
Two skewers of minced lamb kebab

13. Chenjeh – Lamb Shish
Chunks of lamb marinated in yoghurt,

14. Joojeh – Chicken Shish
Fillleted Chicken cubes marinated in lemon
and saffron

15. Grilled Fish
Whole Sea bass marinated with dill and saffron
drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice
16. Caspian
​One skewer of tender lamb shish served
with one skewer of chicken shish
21. Mixed Grill
A selection for two people to share. Served with
two skewers of minced lamb,one skewer of chicken
and a skewer of lamb shish, served with two
portions of rice

17. Ghafghazi
A mixed skewer of chicken and lamb chunks


19. Special Chicken
One skewer of chicken fillet with one
skewer of minced lamb kebab

20. Momtaz
A skewer of chunky pieces of lamb with a
skewer of minced lamb kebab